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Technology at Paynesville Area Public Schools

Welcome to the homepage of BulldogTech, the Paynesville Area Public Schools Technology Department. Our mission is to provide reliable technology services to help students achieve the greatest possible learning.

Technology is becoming ever more important in the aspect of education. Many tools are able to be used to enhance every student's learning. Our school district realizes the importance of technology in education and does all it can to provide its students with the best available technology. With this, every student in grades 6-12 has their own Chromebook to use at school and home as part of our Bu1:1dog (1:1) initiative. This greatly improves their access to technology to enhance their learning experience. A technology integration specialist is also on staff to show teachers of all grade levels and subjects what technology tools they can use in their classrooms and how to use them effectively.

The 1:1 initiative is not the only way Paynesville Area Public Schools is providing technology to its students.

  • Grade levels 2-5 each have two 30 device Chromebook carts to use within the grade
  • Grade levels K-1 each have their own sets of iPads to use within their classrooms
  • Two iPad carts are available to be used throughout the building at the elementary, and one iPad cart is also able to be used at the secondary building
  • Students are issued a managed G Suite for Education Google account which gives them access to many of Google's Educational Tools. Five licenses of the full version of Microsoft Office are also given to each student in grades three through five free of charge for use on their personal Mac or Windows computers
  • All of our academic buildings have full wireless coverage which provides reliable and fast Internet access
  • Our network is backed by a gigabit of Internet bandwidth which ensures all online academic tools work effectively for all staff and students
  • Our elementary, middle and high schools each have a computer lab for use if needed

Voters in the Paynesville Area Public School District also graciously approved a 10 year technology levy. This provides the school district with close to $240,000 per year to use for technology purposes.